Inform yourself about dog diseases

Being aware of what your pet might be exposed to when going outside is essential in order to prevent the apparition of different parasites which transmit various types of diseases.

Ticks and fleas are the most common parasites which are likely to be found residing on the skin of the animal. Originally located in grass, these insects hide in the pet’s fur causing itchiness and also transmitting diseases by infecting the blood system. The sooner treatment is applied against them, the better.

Frontline is one of the brands available on the market which offers effective solutions against these parasites for both cats and dogs. Prescription is not required for Frontline Spot On and the application process is easy. One pipette containing this product should be applied to the skin at the back of the neck, once a month.

Make your dog safe

This will ensure strong protection and lasting coverage against fleas and ticks. Judging by the weight of the dog, packs of either three or six pipettes can be purchased. The same options are available for cat owners to use. The product has increased effectiveness therefore insects which come into contact with it will die after approximately 24 hours.

Effipro Treatment is another option when dealing with external parasites. It is based on new formulation of Fipronil ensuring protection and 100% coverage. Pipettes with drop lock technology can be purchased and used. The quantities of solution vary from 0.68 ml to 4.02ml depending on the weight of the pet.

This brand ensures protection against fleas for up to 8 weeks and 4 weeks against ticks in the case of canine companions. Felines are protected from fleas for up to 5 weeks and 2 weeks for ticks. Effipro should be applied in areas where the animal cannot reach in order to avoid them from licking the substances. Grooming should also be avoided until the product gas dried.

External parasites are easier to spot and treat but there are also internal ones which are harder to notice. Both dogs and cats may be affected by intestinal worms which lead to severe illnesses.

Drontal Wormer aims to provide quick and effective treatment against them. Liquid versions of the product are available for puppies. Tablets should be administrated to adult dogs and cats which are suspected of hosting such parasites. Taking care of your dog or cat from the very first months of its existence will help avoid any undesired complications, when they reach adulthood.