Pinnacle 7 Guard dogs breed – Protect your house and family!

Dogs are the most adorable and loving pets which are being prioritized by numerous families as they prefer getting a pet dog. When it comes to dog breeds, there is en number of breeds available, the different breed of dogs have different traits and features which makes them identical. Preferably getting a guard dog breed will be beneficial for you as they are loyal enough to protect their owners from a threat.

The guard dog breed is proficient and intelligent enough to obey their commander’s orders, and they can be trained easily by making the least efforts. Due to certain reasons, people are considering getting a guard dog. Most of the individuals are still confused regarding the identification of these breeds dogs, so here we are going to introduce several dog breeds. These breeds are loyal, intelligent, and obedient, but they are considered as the threat to unknown faces.

Apex – 7 guard dog breeds:

The Great Dane:

The Great Dane is a massive dog, but when it comes to following the commander’s orders, they are considered as one of the most loyal dogs. The Great Dane is tall though it can run fast, and this dog breed is a quick learner. They can be socialized easily, but it would not be preferable as you never know what things can annoy them the most.

German shepherd:

The German shepherd doesn’t need an introduction as most of you might have seen them as the police dog; this thing shows their loyalty and intelligence. This is one of the most intelligent breeds which can be trained effectively; the German shepherd is the American dog breed. They are versatile enough to perform numerous training and tasks. Due to precise reasons, we have selected them in this category.


The boxer is the medium-sized dog that is smart, versatile, and lovable so that people can consider getting them as their guard dog. One of the most surprising factors is they have the strongest jaws, which can give fatal damages to unfamiliar or unknown and strange people. This is one of the most exquisite guard dogs, which is very kind to children, and they can get trained conveniently.

Argentine Dogo:

Argentine dogos are quite audacious and sensitive; they can be vibrant in outdoors and calm inside their home. This is the breed of dog that is quite muscular and attractive, which makes them charming enough. This can be considered as the hunting dog as it has massive strength, power, and they are smart enough to respond quickly. The Argentine dogos are familiar, loyal, and cheerful with their owner and their family.  

Alapaha blue blood bulldog:

Alapaha blue blood bulldog is having the eminent muzzle encompassed by the loose upper lips, and they are serving with its superior skills to their owners. They are less friendly with the strangers as they can attack quickly; this dog breed is being considered as the active, mindful (Intelligent) and athletic dogs. They are familiar and cheerful when they are playing with their owners, and it is a quick learner, which means they require the least training.

Giant schnauzer:

Here we are with the most loyal and dominant dog that is the Giant schnauzer, and this is the breed of a guard dog, which is energetic and playful when they are with their owners. The Giant schnauzer has a powerful and mind-blowing personality; they have a thick and bushy coat, which adds grace to their personality. It is a quite different dog breed as they need training regarding their physical and mental health.


The most adorable and cool nature dog is here, which the Rottweiler is; this is smart and intelligent enough to recognize their family and intruders easily. They are smart and loyal towards their owner, but for intruders, they are lethal creatures. The Rottweiler is capable of giving lethal damages to the intruders and unfamiliar personalities, due to such reasons this dog breed needs training.

These were some guard dog breeds, which you can consider while getting one for yourself, and the most important thing is they are loyal and cheerful when they are around their owners.

Wrapping up

Now we are here with the closure that is instead of getting any other dog breed go for the guard dogs; these dogs are cheerful and delighted when they are with their owners. But when it comes to intruders, they are proficient enough to serve them with lethal damages.