This is Turkey’s breed of dog that is largely thought to be a crossbreed between the Molosser and Sight hound breed of dogs. It was traditionally kept for the purpose of guarding livestock and in particular sheep and goats. Unlike other dogs, the Akbash dog does not direct livestock but rather only offers protection from predators.

It is known for its high sense of intelligence, loyalty and bravery. It particularly has a deep sense of smell and can easily take note of predators far away. When guarding livestock, the dog tends to lie down from view, only watching what happens around. Although it may appear to be sleeping, it is always alert.

The Akbash is a large breed of dog that can weigh as much as 140 kg. It stands at a height of 34 inches. It has a lean body that makes it very suitable as a livestock guarding dog. This does not however mean that it is not energetic; the dog is highly energetic but preserves its energy for use during emergencies such as when dealing with predators. It has long legs and a tail that is curved. It features a pink skin with a white coat that can be black or brown. The nose, lips and eye brown remain characteristically black.

The Akbash in not only efficient as a livestock guarding dog; it is one of the best dogs you can have as a pet. This is because of its non-aggressive and hostile nature. It remains very calm but always alert to what happens around. It is particularly alert to unusual sounds and activities in its environment. It is remains very suspicious of strangers and although it may not attack, it keeps a close eye on intruders.

It is a very active dog that requires constant monitoring especially when outdoors. This is because it can easily stray away from its master and follow a scent that it considers to emanate from a predator. It requires proper training from an early age to make it sociable with family members. It is however not suitable as an indoor pet. This breed of dog does not have any serious health challenges.