Tips and tricks for breeding your dog


Breeding is performed by the owners of the dogs to mate them with other dogs of the same or different breed is known as the process of dog breeding. It becomes necessary to produce their offspring, as it will help their generation to grow. When the dogs naturally mate with other dogs, then it is known as a natural selection of, but if they are reproduced with the help of human interference, it is known as dog breeding. 


The male parent is called as a sire, and the female one is called as the dam. The puppies born at the same time from the same pregnancy are known as litter. The birth process is known as whelping because a newly born pup is called as a puppy. The person who tries to mate the dogs is commonly known as a dog breeder. 


A specific dog is mated with their relative is practiced to get a more strengthening the desired characteristics in the future offspring. But crossbreeding is generally a term used for the mating of two unlinked breeds of dogs to increase their genetic differentiation. Going for crossbreeding or outcrossing reduces the risk of genetic disorders that might be increased in the case of line breeding. 


Dogs get in the stage of adolescence when they become six to twenty months depending on the type of breed. Generally, female dogs start their estrus cycle, also known as the heat cycle, at this age, when the male begins to hit the puberty period. The puberty period of both the genders varies at a vast range. 


Dogs, too, can suffer from several severe disorders such as dysplasia, eye, and heart diseases. Their inheritance might also involve deafness in some cases. Some German registries have recognized dysplasia is a disease inherited by ancestors. This disease affects other rare breeds.

Foods to provide in pregnancy:

When a female dog is in her gestation period, it is highly advised to take care of your dog, especially at this time — the weight of the dam increases by approximately ten percent in the pregnancy period. But the pressure should be controlled by the owner by taking some measures, as an increase in pressure might also increase the risk of stillbirths and other pressing issues. Along with this, lightweight or lean female dogs can give birth to underweight puppies, and that too is not a good condition. 

Tips: To make this happen, it requires proper knowledge regarding the breeds and species or different dogs. The owner needs to have an adequate amount of experience regarding their health and many other factors concerning get their dog reproduced with other dogs. It might get a bit difficult task to perform but essential as well. It is required to look after the whole group of puppies born at the same time from a dam. Malnutrition should also be avoided. The dogs and litter should be given a sufficient amount of food concerning keeping every pup healthy.