Many sensible pet owners are aware of the fact that there are specific items or substances in their homes that can be detrimental to their pets.

Based on the latest ASPCA’s list issued, human medicines, both over-the-counter and prescribed, are considered the most dangerous animal toxins, with prescribed drugs being on top of the list.

Around 2011, the Animal Poison Control Center or “APCC” under ASPCA received greater than 165,000 calls pertaining to pets that had probably been poisoned. And about 26% of those phone calls are about pets that had ingested human medicines by accident.

Here are top five poisons/toxins that drove pet owners to ask assistance from the APCC:

  • 1. Human medications – prescribed. The APCC got nearly 25,000 phone calls about pets having ingested some prescribed human medicines. The ASPCA advises that pet owners should always take their medicines in a particular place not close to their pets.
  • 2. Insecticides. Over 11% of the phone calls are related to insecticides, including specific products used in homes, on lawns, and substances for flea treatment on pets. Careful application of these products is necessary to prevent accidental poisoning.
  • 3. Human medications – over-the-counter. Nearly 18,000 calls were addressed to the APCC about this particular medicine like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, which are injurious to pets and even cause death.
  • 4. Human foods. The APCC entertained around 7,600 calls related to chocolates in 2011. Chocolates ingested by your pets can cause diarrhea, increased heart rate, seizures, and vomiting. A specific artificial sweetener called xylitol causes liver failure and seizures in dogs. Moreover, too much intake of garlic and onion can result to anemia; while raisins and grapes trigger kidney failure in dogs.
  • 5. Household stuff. About 12,000 calls were about household items like paint, drain openers, and fire logs. Things like these in your home can result to upset stomach, or can be deadly.