Why do you need to get the guard dog instead of any other dog breed? Check out the details here!

When it comes to home security, we all become more alert and attentive, here getting the Guard dog can let you be at the safer side. We all know that the dogs are considered as the best friends of humans; they serve their owners with all love and honesty; that’s all they have. From the past several years, getting a guard dog breed is in trend as they are smart enough to recognize the threat, and they can conveniently attack its threat.

Due to such reasons, this kind of dogs are being prioritized by numerous families; they can easily become your family member. They are not only a good companion, but they are considered as lethal protectors when it comes to their family’s security. These kinds of dogs are not lenient when it comes to protecting their family from threats, so this is the reason that you need to get a guard dog.

Now you must be wondering how to recognize guard dog? What are the specified breeds of it? Don’t worry; we are here along with the answers to question. Here we are going to introduce you to the most lethal and best guard dogs; they can be a good companion as well as the finest and firm shield for protection. At the following points, we are going to give the readers a detailed explanation regarding the breed and features of them.

Most famous guard dog breeds:


Here we are with our initial selection, which is the bullmastiff, this dog might appear familiar and adorable, but for the strangers, they are a threat. This breed of dog is intelligent, and they are having a short temper as they can quickly attack their prey.

The bullmastiff is the breed of dog very active and cherished enough as they like to play with their owner. Bullmastiff appears generally red, brindle, and fawn; they are commonly known for their physical strength; they are courageous as they don’t afraid of anything.

A male bullmastiff can weigh up to 150 pounds, and they keep on growing rapidly, but they are having a shorter lifespan of 7 – 8 years. You can consider getting it you are looking forward to the most exceptional guard dog; rare people know that they require the least training as they can easily grasp things.


The Rottweiler might appear adorable, but they can be very dangerous when it comes to secure their family. The Rottweiler can be a well-liked option as this can be found easily because this breed of dog is having a massive horde of the pleased fans.

They are intelligent enough, and it can recognize threat easily, such things made us select it in this category. Mostly, this breed is quite unfamiliar with strangers, but they are quick learners, strong enough to face any challenge, and there can be a bulk more benefits of choosing them.

Rottweiler is aggressive and powerful, yet they are playful with their owner, as they like to play with them, and they can be considered as the most adorable dogs for them. Rottweiler appears black in color, but it has a brown mouth and feet, which makes it attractive enough. Due to their aggressive nature, you need to train them efficiently.

Great Dane:

Here we are with the most aggressive and massive dog the Great Dane originated in Denmark and Germany, they are having the life span of 6 – 12 years. This is considered as the most obedient dog, and they are smart enough to get trained efficiently.

The Great Dane loves to be with children as they are playful enough; usually, they don’t bark and act aggressively towards human beings unless they get trained for the same reason. But if they are surrounded by humans or being socialized, they can be aggressive.

They are also known as the world’s biggest lapdog, and they are brave and protective enough, which makes us select them in this category. It is a fighter and short-tempered dog, although it follows the command of their owner obediently.

The final verdict 

Now we are here with the conclusion that the guard dogs are preferable if you are planning to get the dog for yourself. Here we have suggested some breeds of dogs that you can consider for the ease of the readers we have given the detailed explanation. So that the readers are capable of gaining more information regarding their appearance and nature.